Millie Mack

Millie Mack

Millie Mack is the author of the Faraday Murder Series and has just published the third book −Take a Byte Out of Murder. She enjoys everything mysterious including books, videos, plays and especially jigsaw puzzles where completion of the puzzle reveals the solution to a crime.
Millie Mack was born in Philadelphia, moved to Baltimore and worked in Washington which all influenced the creation of her fictional town of Tri-City featured in her current books.
She continues to live in the Baltimore area where she is working on the next book in her series featuring amateur sleuths Carrie and Charles Faraday. Millie also writes a blog all about mysteries at and can be contacted at

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Millie Mack


Author of Take Stock in Murder, Take a Dive for Murder, Take a Byte Out of Murder


Miss Marple Still Going Strong

I recently attended a course on Agatha Christie. At the first class the teacher asked—what makes Agatha Christie’s mysteries as popular today as when they were first published? I found this question of interest, because I have some personal experience with the popularity of one of her characters — Miss Marple.

Back in October of 2012, I wrote a blog entitled the “Quotable Miss Marple.” To this dChristie-2ay, this blog remains one of my most popular. Therefore, like my teacher I will ask a similar question. What is it about this detective that continues to attract readers, fans and admirers?

Miss Marple is not your typical detective. She’s elderly, she knits and she’s nosy. She lives in the tiny village of St. Mary Mead where her knowledge of village life (Continue reading)