• Maribel Cabrera Ibrahim

    Great post, Terra! Interestingly enough, at a recent Leadership Meeting at our library, we looked at statistics of our library users and while we do see an increase in eBooks, audio books and computer and WiFi session usage, the bulk of our customers, about 86%, primarily check out materials.

    Also, here is an interesting article, which also concludes that millenials, or digital natives, still prefer print books to the electronic kind: http://www.latimes.com/books/jacketcopy/la-et-jc-92-percent-college-students-prefer-paper-over-pixels-20160208-story.html

    There are just some things you can’t replace with an eBook, like the feel of pages, the ability to disconnect and avoid distractions (I may still peruse the internet with an ebook, since I can look up words or story references with a double tap!)

    From a ready to read standpoint, print books provide tactile stimulation that is an essential part of early learning experiences, and I don’t see that ever going away.